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Glass - Crystals - Mirrors Pella - Glass Constructions of Special Dimensions Pella 


Our company "DINOS" which is located in Pella and more specifically in Giannitsa, operates with glass, crystals and mirrors, we offer modern, elegant and functional solutions for homes and business premises in Pella as well as in Thessaloniki.

Having 20 years of experience in the field but also thanks to our love for the art of glass, we decided to create our business, with the main goal of creating glass structures that stand out both for their high quality and for their unique aesthetics.



Regardless of whether you desire glass shower enclosures, glass railings, mirrors or any other glass construction, we can provide our specialized expertise to create custom constructions that will meet your expectations to the fullest.

In addition, with consistency and professionalism, we can undertake the replacement of glass and mirrors, as well as the installation of safety glass for extra protection.

In all the glass constructions we make, we use advanced materials and techniques to create constructions that combine aesthetics, functionality and durability



is at your disposal and always ready to visit your space, study it and work with you in order to identify your needs and propose you the ideal solutions for any glass construction you wish to carry out in your space.

Our philosophy is the excellent service of each customer and our constant modernization, in order to be able to meet your every future need.


and rest assured that you will receive prompt and proper service wherever and whenever
if you are in Pella and Thessaloniki.